• N Ishikwa

    N Ishikwa, programmer

    I took part in the 3 months body evolution programme. I initially underwent an analysis of my body, accurately picking out areas which were tight from overuse as well as areas which were weak and under active. Based on this, I then underwent a custom made exercise programme, where I was able to go from 75 to 67kg, losing most of which was excess body fat. I thoroughly recommend Seiji Studios for those who are looking to make a serious and lasting change to their body and lifestyle.

  • Y Sakamoto


    Y Sakamoto, architect

    I have been training at SEIJI STUDIOS for the past 6 months.
    Before I came to the studio, I would experience a heaviness in my body, where I would often feel lethargic and further experienced great discomfort with a tennis elbow injury I was carrying for the previous 6 months. I was undergoing electromagnetic therapy to treat the injury at the time.
    I initially started with just a consultation, where I immediately received great encouragement from the education I received about my current physical state and injury, all explained with very easy to understand simple language.
    My training regime began soon after where I was able to physically see my body shape changing.
    It’s so pleasing to see that physical change can be achieved even when in my 40’s!
    The post training massages feel amazing and serve as a great physical as well as mental refreshment and help reduce the onset of fatigue from the training itself.
    The tennis elbow injury which once troubled my everyday lifestyle disappeared within 1 month of going to the studio which I still don’t know how that was achieved!
    Overall SEIJI STUDIOS is a great place to be for anyone looking to improve their body and lifestyle and I would confidently recommend it to anyone!

  • Y Murahashi


    Y Murahashi, programmer

    It’s been one month since I started going to the studio for both training and massage.
    Considering I can go either before or after my working hours, it’s very convenient for me to go to the studio and have a session.
    The training programme I am taking part in involves aspects of dieting, where if I come across a food I am not sure whether I should be eating or not, I am easily able to ask the question via the SNS service the studio provides, which doesn’t leave me looming in the dark and therefore is hugely beneficial.
    The training itself is not overly tough, although you still need to push yourself.
    I even sometimes think ‘was that it? have I done enough?’ but I am reaping good results and getting closer towards achieving my goals so it’s a case of highly efficient training.
    This is a great studio for anyone looking to achieve physical goals and improve their body!

  • Y Ebisu


    Y Ebisu, accountant

    Years of desk work and sitting down all day lead to episodes of neck, shoulder and back pain, not to mention the extra weight I had accumulated. Through working with Alex and I could really feel and see my body change, where what surprised me the most was the speed at which my body was changing.
    The lingering pains I used to experience have now gone and everyday movement feels a lot smoother. People around me have further mentioned how I also look slimmer so I am extremely pleased with how things have been and am very excited to continue to train and see more results in the future!

  • M Itou


    M Itou, golfer

    Before going to the studio I would experience a lot of lower back pain, especially when taking part in golf. Through the maintenance work which Alex has provided me, I am able to move around again free from pain where my golf performance has actually improved and I now feel 10 years younger!

  • K Miki


    K Miki, cyclist

    My body changed after just one month of joining. I used to be very frustrated as I would train, experience pain in my knees and back which would cause me to stop training and then when I wanted to start up training again, the whole cycle would repeat itself!
    Alex pinpointed to me that the reason I was going through such a negative cycle was due to weak and under-active glutes as well as certain other areas in my body being overly active and tight. I appreciated the simplicity of his explanations, all of which made perfect sense to me.
    After just a month of strength and conditioning work on my designated programme, I saw a tremendous change in my body. I feel the overall efficiency of my body has improved where even within just the first 2 weeks, the pains in my body dramatically subsided. I further notice how my posture has improved, where I used to unintentionally lean too far forward with my lower back excessively being curved, but now everything seems to have straightened up a lot more.
    Such great results in a short span of time and I am extremely pleased! Highly recommended!!

  • W Saito


    W Saito, system engineer

    I had been going to the studio for just one month where I had already noticed positive changes.
    I highly appreciated the consultation I took part in as I received valuable information about my own body I had no idea about. This convinced me to join as I felt strongly that Alex would be the right person to help me achieve my fitness goals.
    I love the massages after the training and they feel so rewarding! I can tell it is no ordinary massage but rather takes the approach of ‘reconstructing’ the positioning of each muscle area being worked on as I notice an improvement in posture every time.
    SEIJI STUDIOS definitely offers something different from the rest and I strongly recommend it to anyone!

  • A Ueno


    A Ueno, physical therapist

    Every time I go there are new surprises.
    Ever since I came to the consultation I have been undergoing my own customized training menu based on my weak and overworked body areas. I was surprised at my muscular imbalances of which I previously had no idea about.
    I have learnt how to utilise my body better and noticed an improvement in the way my body functions which has been reflected in my constantly improving marathon times. I am very satisfied!


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