Training alone contributes towards an increase in muscle tightness which in turn will lead to pressure being placed on the joints and therefore pain. Furthermore, overactive and tight muscles will pull components of the body into unnatural positions and lead to distorted posture.

Physical maintenance by itself also has its limitations as although this practice is able to alleviate tightness and release pressure, it is not able to strengthen the weakened muscles in the body.

The SEIJI METHOD is an approach towards exercise, which deals with this issue through combining both training and maintenance in one undertaking. Being able to maximize the potential of both practices, will lead to the achievement of a more ideal state of balance. In results terms, we define this as a more functional, pain-free and better-looking body.

The process of achieving such results should also reap numerous mental benefits, including increased levels of self-esteem, self-confidence and gaining a positive outlook on life. We firmly believe in the important and inseparable connection between body and mind, where through the power of exercise, both areas of life can be significantly enhanced.


Move better, Feel better, Look better

How you approach a training session is one of the most important factors to consider. This can be put into the two categories of ‘Preparation’ and ‘Execution.’ The inadequacy or incorrect nature of these categories will create more harm than good, where with time, will lead to completely different outcomes.
This is one of the reasons why many people start a new training routine with optimism, but soon face the reality that they aren’t getting the results they wanted and may even stop exercising completely.

Our training sessions are carefully considered such that, adequate preparation meets accurate execution. Along with our specialist methodology, this will give us, as well as our clients the confidence to be able to generate the results in which they are looking for.

Diamond Flow

Our approach towards a training session follows 3 primary steps:

  • Foundation
  • Strengthen
  • Relaxation

Our 3 steps can also be viewed from the perspective of tempo, which signifies the intensity of the session. Step 1 will start slower, increase at Step 2 and then taper off once again at Step 3.

This executional pattern is referred to as 'Diamond Flow.’

  • Foundation

    Step 1 is about preparation and aims to build a solid body foundation ready for the upcoming training session. We will aim to rebalance and optimise physical structure, which will then increase the body’s ability to use the muscles correctly. This is achieved by using maintenance techniques (such as myofascial release) to relax over-active muscles and isolation exercises (which target a single muscle) to awaken dormant muscles.

    This more balanced state will allow the body to move with more efficiency and purpose, with increased range of motion and reduced stress on the joints.
    Optimizing performance whilst at the same time reducing risk of injury will create a more effective and safer exercise protocol.
    The significance of the Foundation phase cannot be undermined.

  • STEP2


    Following on from building a more solid body foundation, the next step will be to strengthen the body. There is an emphasis on performing primary compound exercises where the body exerts the most muscular stimulus. Compound exercises target multiple muscles in a single movement which in effect will increase growth hormone, expend more calories and burn more fat in the process. Developments of this stage would encourage the client to execute such movement with speed and weight (i.e. power) which is the fundamental key component in strength gains.

    Compound exercises are often taken for granted but it is vital the individual undergoes adequate preparation, where the body is able to perform such big movements in a safe way. Step 1 provides the necessary preparation, where alongside good form/proper technique, will allow for more precision and safety when executing the exercises. The duration of this stage is shorter but more intense, and it could be argued that most of the desired physical changes are made here.

  • Relaxation

    Step 3 is all about relaxation and primarily involves body maintenance techniques such as stretching, myofascial release and massage therapy. It is where the parasympathetic nervous system is stimulated, so to offer reduced stress and increased rate of physical and mental recovery. Relaxation signifies not only ease of body, but also ease of mind.



What makes us special isn’t just confined to the uniqueness of our methodology and exercise approach. We have full confidence in all areas of our service and the high value it provides, where the benefits are not just temporary but are to be experienced in the long-term.

  • 01


    Combining scientifically proven methods with innovation

    From an exercise standpoint, we use the most efficient styles of training to best achieve the physiological adaptions required. Our ability to use scientifically proven methods combined with our own methodology, allows training to be both effective and enjoyable.

  • 02


    Tailor-made programs to satisy individual needs

    We are not interested in the latest fads or fitness trends but revolve our entire approach according to whatever the individual requires. We cater for all people irrespective of age, gender or exercise background and have support systems in place to ensure consistent satisfaction.

  • 03


    Appreciating the impact of exercise on both body and mind

    The power of exercise goes beyond just the body but further reaches out to the depth of the mind. Our awareness of this fact allows us to emphasize this as a major benefit as part of our training routine. This allows client progression to be viewed not only physically, but also through the perspective of mental well-being, which we believe holds just as much value.

  • 04


    Teaching how to change your own body and lifestyle

    We encourage independence and emphasise the role of self-care. Along with our training programme, we also create a home exercise menu that once again will be customized according to individual needs. Such a menu, combined with the knowledge gained through our consistent education will allow you to create long-lasting changes to your own body and lead a permanent healthy lifestyle.

  • 05


    Long-term results and
    an experience remembered

    Our hands-on approach combined with the emphasis on education will create long-term sustainable results. We firmly believe that through the development of the professional relationship between our trainers and clients, there is no reason why the results as well as the overall experience shouldn’t have a long-lasting impact that will be felt and remembered.


To experience what we have on offer, the first step will be to undergo an initial consultation. Allow us to create your very own customised personal training programme specific to your needs!