Questions concerning our training protocol

  • I am an elderly individual without much training experience. Can I still participate in the training programme?

    We are experts in creating training programmes fully customised and catered toward each individual, irrespective of factors such as age, gender or training experience.

    We further assess in great detail the current physical condition of the individual during our consultation process, where we will then execute the necessary training protocol to deliver effective results.

  • I want to participate in a training programme but suffer from an injury which causes pain. Do you cater for people like me?

    We also offer our services for those carrying injuries.
    The level of participation will vary according to the severity of the injury but we provide a full background and physical state screening during our consultation, where we will be able to create a training and massage programme suitable for you to participate in.

    We further offer a specialist training programme for those carrying injuries, where through the tailored training and massage sessions we guide the individual towards not only full recovery, but in creating a stronger body as a prevention method for future injury and pain.

  • What style/type of training do you offer?

    Our personal training theme is ‘Simple and effective training methods.’
    We are proud to offer a simple but yet highly effective exercise approach which everyone from all backgrounds can participate in.

    We primarily focus on isolated strength work to build up weak and under-active muscles and functional compound movements to improve overall movement efficiency and body shape.

    We don’t aim to create a huge muscular structure, such as that of a bodybuilder but rather we focus on increasing overall metabolism and developing the body in a lean fashion.
    Considering there is no fear of ‘building too much muscle,’ female participants are also highly welcome.

  • How does the Harmony course work and what does it consist of?

    The Harmony course consists of both training and massage one after the other and represents our signature course.
    Each session can either be 60 or 90 minutes long, where the timing of each component does depend on the individual (such as overall training goals and physical condition).

    As a rough guideline, a 60 minute session would usually consist of a 40/45 min training session followed by a 15/20 min massage, whereas a 90 minute session would consist of a 60/70 min training session followed by a 20/30 min massage.
    Stretching also takes place as part of the massage and is used as a means to maximise recovery, as well as to simply experience the enjoyment of relaxation post training.

  • I am only interested in training but is it necessary to take part in the massage too?

    Massage therapy is a key part of our studio concept and plays a vital role throughout all aspects of our training sessions.

    Training alone has its limitations. Despite being able to strengthen the body, without the necessary maintenance work, muscles will always end up getting tight which in effect can pull components of the body in different directions which will have a negative impact on posture and functionality.

    Our massage theme is: ‘To restructure and repair.’ Through this we seek to restore ideal physical structure through returning the muscles to their original natural position by working on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue, which in effect will also contribute to the alleviation of any pressure or pain on the joint structures. Furthermore, our massage therapy will facilitate an increase in recovery time from the training sessions themselves and will help maintain peak physical condition.

    For any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

  • Do you offer any diet or nutrition plans as part of your services?

    This depends on the training course/programme you participate in.

    We offer basic dietary and nutritional advice as part of all our courses and programmes. However, our long-term programmes also include official diet and nutritional plans which are specific to their respective objectives. For example, our signature body transformation programme; ‘Body evolution’ contains a precise diet plan as a means to maximise fat burn and ensure the development of lean muscle mass to promote a toned physique.

    The purpose of our ‘lifestyle evolution’ programme is to improve overall quality of life through developing new and lasting positive health habits. The diet plan included in this programme plays a key role in achieving this, where the focus is to enhance vitality levels and improve overall hormone balance.

    Aside from the specific nutritional and dietary plans given in each programme, each diet plan can further be customised to meet any individual needs.

Questions concerning our booking policy

  • Can I cancel any bookings I make?

    We accept any cancellations made at least 24 hours before the given appointment time. If any cancellations are made on the day, then we will be unable to compensate for any payments made in advance.*

    If the client wishes to cancel or change an appointment time, it will be in their interest and responsibility to let their trainer know in advance. This way we will be able to make a swift adjustment so the client is able to continue on with their intended programme and avoid any delay in results.

    *Our specialist programmes are all paid for in advance. If cancellations are made on the day then we will be unable to refund the missed session.

Questions concerning the studio facilities

  • Do you have access to a carpark or garage for my car or bicycle?

    Yes we have access to both!
    The ground floor of the studio contains a private garage for customers to park their vehicle or bicycle.

    The cost for the use of the garage are as follows:

    4 wheel vehicle
    30min ¥250
    2 wheel vehicle
    30min ¥100
  • Which train stations are closest to the studio?

    The distance between the studio and each train station in the nearby vicinity are as follows:
    6min walk from 'Karasuma Oike' underground station
    7min walk from 'Karasuma' Hankyu line
    7min walk from 'Kawaramachi' Hankyu line
    10min walk from 'Sanjo' and ‘Gion Shijo’ Keihan line

  • How is the trainer's language speaking ability?

    Our representative trainer has a native bilingual speaking ability for both the English and Japanese languages.
    Here is a video clip demonstrating his teaching style


To experience what we have on offer, the first step will be to undergo an initial consultation. Allow us to create your very own customised personal training programme specific to your needs!