Sculpting the body through training and massageSEIJI STUDIOS CONCEPT

Training alone contributes towards an increase in muscle tightness which in turn will lead to pressure being placed on the joints. Furthermore, this will have a negative impact on your overall posture as the tight muscles will pull certain components of the body into unnatural positions.

Massage therapy alone also has its limitations as although this practice is able to alleviate tightness and release pressure, it is not able to strengthen weakened muscles in the body.

Probing into this issue has lead to the creation of SEIJI STUDIOS.

The SEIJI STUDIOS method, in simple words is to achieve perfect harmony in the body through both training and massage therapy.

Training stimulates the body whilst massage sculptures the body. This in turn facilitates greater recovery, leading to the achievement of your ideal physical state in the safest and most effective manner.
This rhythm between training and massage represents ‘harmony’ and through this approach we work towards achieving your individual goals.

Not just the overall concept, but our individual personal training and massage therapy styles also offer a unique touch.


トレーニングテーマ 簡単で効果的



This word often carries with it certain heavy connotations, such as ‘intense,’ ‘heavy weights,’ ‘complex machinery’ and so on.

Our personal training theme is:
‘Simple and effective training methods’

At SEIJI STUDIOS we take pride in offering very simple but yet highly effective training exercises which everyone from all backgrounds can participate in. This not only brings about great results but results which can be achieved in the safest of manners.



Creating a body that moves

We place great emphasis on functional movement and strict form.

Through functional training we aim to re-enact and improve the primary movements of the human body and maximise muscular stimulation without causing unnecessary stress.

Furthermore, our body analysis which takes place during the consultation process allows us to identify specific, weak and under-active areas of the body which we then seek to strengthen through isolated exercises.

The end result is a body that, through functional training is able to move freely without limitation and through isolated strength exercises can experience an overall improvement in physical efficiency.


マッサージテーマ 究極の癒し


Tackling the cause and not the effect

Typical stretching and massage routines primarily only work on the surface layers of the muscle tissue. This however has its limitations as working on the surface layers only attempts to tackle the effect and not the cause and therefore cannot bring about a long term fix.

Our sports massage theme is:
‘To restructure and repair’

We focus solely on working on the deepest layers of the muscle tissue and deal with the fundamental causes of muscular tightness and physical problems.



Restoring the muscles to their ‘original position’

Areas of the body can be dislodged through bad posture and an overload of pressure. We seek to restore ideal physical structure through returning the muscles to their original natural position and in turn providing alleviation from any pressure or pain.

Furthermore we display a dynamic approach towards releasing muscle tightness where we stretch and massage the body at the same time. Considering the body is designed to move, the effects of massage therapy can further be enhanced through the involvement of such active tissue release.

Our sports massage typically takes place after training where body temperature becomes higher. This in turn enables easier to access to the deeper areas of the muscle tissue and will further increase the rejuvenation effects of massage as well as stimulate an overall faster recovery from the training itself.


マッサージテーマ 究極の癒し



Education plays a large role here at SEIJI STUDIOS. We not only focus on each personal training and massage session, but further emphasise the role of educating how you, as an individual can create long-lasting changes to your own body and lead a permanent healthy lifestyle.

We teach all our clients exercises and maintenance techniques, that they themselves can implement on their own accord, and thus improving the overall efficiency of the training programme.

Based on our ‘Simple and Effective’ personal training theme, we introduce exercises that can be implemented anywhere at anytime, granting the individual with the ability to care for and make changes to their own body.

All the knowledge and skills acquired, therefore bring about long-term benefits.



  • 01

    Tailor made programmes to satisy individual needs

    We are not interested in the latest fads or fitness trends but solely revolve our approach according to whatever the individual requires and cater for all people, irrespective of age, gender or exercise background.

  • 02

    Covering multiple areas of expertise

    We cover a wide range of discipline and expertise, ranging from fat loss to muscle building and from improving sporting performances to postural correction. This ensures we have exactly what it takes to help you achieve your goals.

  • 03

    The ability to offer an in-depth analysis of each individual

    Everyone has a different lifestyle which in turn means everyone has a different body. The ability to draw precise conclusions from an initial consultation (focusing on past experience, current condition and future goals) allows us to build an in-depth picture of that person which is why we achieve such good results.

  • 04

    Combining scientifically proven methods with innovation

    From an exercise standpoint, we use the most efficient styles of training to best achieve the physiological adaptions required. Our ability to use the science behind the training in a fun and dynamic format means sessions are both enjoyable and effective.

  • 05

    Educating our clients and emphasing the role of self-care

    We not only offer a hands-on approach to our clients achieving their goals, but we also have a strong belief in educating our clients about their own body and teaching them how they are able to best take care of themselves.


To experience what we have on offer, the first step will be to undergo an initial consultation. Allow us to create your very own customised personal training programme specific to your needs!